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Petronas Mach 5 Plus 20W-50 4L

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Brand: Petronus

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Short Description

• Outstanding engine protection at all driving conditions.

• Prolong engine life

• Outstanding engine cleanliness protects against engine sludge and vanish deposits

• Very high shear stability - stay in grade easier cold engine starting - minimize friction and wear at startup

Long Description

Petronas Mach 5 is an extra high performance multigrade engine oil specially designed and formulated to provide very high level of engine protection and superior performance in engines running under the most severe driving conditions. It is exclusively formulated with premium quality unconventional base oils and advanced additives technology to provide the outstanding thermal and oxidation stability that ensure minimum oil thickening at very high operating temperature, excellent deposits control and minimized engine wear and tear.

Engineered based on extensive field, racetrack, rally and testing experiences over many years, Petronas Mach 5 provides the outstanding performance lubricant that ensure complete engine protections especially for engines operating under the most severe operating conditions throughout today’s long drain interval.

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