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Petronas Sprinta F500 10W-40 (Semi Synthetic)

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Brand: Petronus

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Short Description

• Superior control in deposit build ups especially under high operating temperature, helps maintaining bike power.

• Oxidation control and durability keeping the oil viscosity in-grade during the full drain interval.

• Provides smooth clutch and superior gearbox operation.

• Meets the requirements of bikes fitted with catalytic converters with low sulfur and phosphorus formulation.

• Meets the latest environmental compliance standards.

Long Description

PETRONAS Sprinta F500 10W-40 is formulated with UltraFlex™ technology that enhance oil stability to resist bike stress caused by high shear and high temperature. This helps to deliver better ride, giving your bike a longer life.

PETRONAS Sprinta F500 10W-40 is suitable for all types of 4-Stroke gasoline motorcycle engines, clutches and gearboxes. It is suitable for motorcycles manufactured by leading Japanese, European and American manufacturers operating under normal to severe riding conditions.

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