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Petronas Syntium 7000 Hybrid 0W-20 4L

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Brand: Petronus

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Short Description

• Ultimate high temperature oxidation control, provide protection against oil thickening at high / excessive temperatures.

• Ultimate high temperature deposit control to improve drivability and enhances engine performance.

• Withstanding high temperature lubricant evaporation loss to stop premature thermal degradation to help preventing engine failure from wear and tear.

• Ultimate fuel economy performance even after aging, the oil run in the engine continue to provide good protection and wear. Engine just perform like new.

Long Description

PETRONAS Syntium 7000 Hybrid 0W-20 is formulated with °CoolTech™ to fight excessive engine heat. °CoolTech™ targets the critical heat zones – engine parts affected by excessive heat inside the engine to effectively absorb & transfer the excessive heat and regulates the temperature, defending the engine critical components from damaging and loss of performance.

Hybrid engines with start-stop systems endure more stress than normal car engines. The increased frequency of engine re-starts puts extra loads and stresses in the valve train & through the crankshaft. Average sludge and varnish results and wear on the valve train and piston rings were all slightly worse for the hybrid engine relative to the non-hybrid engine. As a result, it causes high pressure and temperature inside its cylinders and requires an oil that can withstand these conditions.

PETRONAS Syntium 7000 Hybrid 0W-20 is formulated to provide protection against low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI) for turbo charged direct injection gasoline powered vehicles and meets the latest API SN PLUS specification. It is a dedicated and suitable for petrol-electric hybrid vehicle.

The experience gathered by PETRONAS on the F1 circuits and most important motoring events and competitions has enabled the development of PETRONAS Syntium; a range of hi-tech lubricants capable of meeting the needs of new generation engines – both on track and on the road.

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